New & MPfree: Sleep ∞ Over – Romantic Streams

Occasionally a track so enduring and beautiful comes along and causes the blogging world to quake frantically in their high tops. Over the past few hours, Romantic Streams by Sleep ∞ Over has done just that, with it’s addictive chillwave hook and lo-fi aesthetic, proving both immeasurably stunning and devastatingly heartwrenching. Having already impressed at the recent Gorilla vs. Bear Fest, with a live line up featuring two members of Silent Diane and Jesse Jenkins from Pure X, Stefanie Franciotti is setting the bar high for Sleep ∞ Over on her debut LP Forever, out later this year. Romantic Streams is a fitting introduction to Franciotti’s music, mixing lush pop melodies with echoed, vaguely haunted synths. Forever is out on Hippos in Tanks on September 27, download Romantic Streams below.

Sleep ∞ Over – Romantic Streams

Romantic Streams by Sleep ∞ Over

By Josh
on 29th Jul 2011
in Music