New: Phoenix – Entertainment

Since the release of the excellent Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix back in 2009, Phoenix have deservedly become a pretty big deal, playing huge gigs at places like Madison Square Garden and the Eiffel Tower (well, kind-of). But the downside has been we haven’t had any new music from the Parisian boys for a while – until now. After recently releasing more details on their forthcoming L.P, Bankrupt!, they’ve now dropped the first single, Entertainment, as Zane Lowe’s hottest record in the world today on BBC Radio 1.

They haven’t reined in the high-end, synth led production since their last outing – it’s slick, grandiose, and according to the current highest rated comment on the very professional looking ‘homemade’ YouTube lyric video, even has a bit of “japanese vibe” going on. But it’s when the song drops down in the verses – to the tried-and-tested driving sound of bass, muted guitars and steady drums – there’s space given for the welcome reminder that in Thomas Mars, Phoenix have a lead singer with a seriously fine ear for great, catchy melodies. It’s good to have them back.

By Daniel O'Mahony
on 18th Feb 2013
in Music