Introducing: eyeofzion – Minerals EP

Melbourne based producer eyeofzion has just put out his newest release, Minerals EP. The four tracks on the tape bubble with aqueous synths that are nestled alongside short snatches of clipped and warped vocal samples. While the drums, woozy and equable, provide the insular elements of the tracks a sense of propulsion. The whole EP is reminiscent of Baths instrumentals and you could easily imagine an Anticon artist rapping over something like this.

The only negative I can find in the artist is his moniker “eyeofzion”. It almost put me off listening to him altogether, which would have been a mighty shame. No one, not even those in Jamaican Reggae bands should give themselves a name that appears to reference Bob Marley or Rastafarianism, let alone a white kid from Australia.

Still, this should make no difference in appreciating Minerals EP, which you can listen to below. ‘Inhale’ and ‘Exhale’, the tracks that bookend the release, are the most accomplished, but the whole thing warrants multiple listens. If the urge takes you, the Minerals EP is also available for ‘name your price’ download.

By C R Booth
on 15th Feb 2013
in Mixtapes