Introducing: Haunter

By the looks of their various photographs and comments on Facebook, Wisconsin four piece Haunter don’t take themselves all too seriously, however, by the strength of their recent ten track release, it’s perhaps about time that they did. Hailing from the same state as folk-pop’s biggest star, a certain Mr Iver, there are several similarities in the sparse instrumentation and disjointed crescendo’s that littered Justin Vernon’s debut LP, however Haunter throw a more psychedelic element into the mix, merging slightly off-putting samples and the overpowering sense of death fused with melodrama.

From the creepy sample found on Molly to the uplifting chorus of Take Me Back (To Those Times), Haunter stamp their own individual authority on each and every track on the self-titled release. There’s a gothic, sultry vibe to much of the record, yet underpined by the stunning vocals and harmonious instrumentation. Check out the full release below, in particular my highlights, Laura Palmer and The Glue.