Introducing: Halona King

Writing massive pop songs is a much more difficult art than many would imagine. It would be foolish to underestimate the level of genius that went into constructing Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, one of the finest pop songs in recent memory. Now I’m not comparing New York soul singer Halona King to Carly, but the essence of crafting a hit is very much the same, with King’s debut EP showcasing the perfection of the art.

Opener War Ground is a stomping, raucous number; sassy and sensual, containing one of the ┬ámost addictive choruses of the year. Bringing 60’s Motown and 70’s soul into a modern perspective appears to be Halona’s aim, drawing from the ever-so sleazy yet seductive vibes that haunted much of the music from those era’s. This is the music that Amy Winehouse so desperately yearned to create. Piano ballad Monster In The Night brings the singer back down to earth, whist maintaining the pop sensibilities and luxurious production that makes it so enjoyable. Halona King may well be a new face on the block, but with an EP of this quality, it’s going to be hard to ignore her. Check out the full release below.