Introducing: Wild Eyes

Awesome band name? Check. Grainy cliched-yet-brilliant artwork? Check. Kickass shoegaze influences? You bet. LA’s Wild Eyes are pretty much the ideal post-2010 band, the image, the sound and the talent are there in abundance, and they aren’t afraid to express it. You get the impression that their parents probably played them Loveless or Vapour Trail (Ride) as a substitute for bedtime stories, and instead of collecting baseball cards, they spent all their paper round earnings on reverb pedals and retro-amps.

It’s nigh on impossible to reference a nu-gaze band without bringing up Pains of Being Pure At Heart or The Horrors, the two pioneers of the shoegaze inspired genre, yet Wild Eyes are by far more exciting. Not ashamed of their background, the likes of riff heavy When Its Over and the upbeat Summer cavort with a grungy strut that truly marks them out as a one to watch for the rest of 2012.