John Robinson & Lewis Parker: International Summers

The unusual, but ideal pairing of New Jersey’s John Robinson and London’s Lewis Parker have come together to create a new summer LP, fittingly titled International Summers.

Known for his acclaimed ‘Golden Sound’ Lewis Parker’s productions have a distinctly warm and cosmopolitan feel to them, while John Robinson rhymes are always tight if not slightly repetitive as he recites memories of globe-trotting and past summers. The pairing shine in feel good title track International Summers, with John Robinson declaring “International summers make international lovers” over a delightfully nostalgic beat. The other stand out track is the lyrically deep and beautifully produced Harlem River Drive, where the pairing prove most in sync as they are joined by the excellent Angelz INC.

Too cut short and summarise, International Summers is not a particularly ground-braking or innovative record, butLewis Parker’s warm analogue production and John Robinson’s interesting and immaculately delivered lyrics make it the perfect album to listen to on a hot summers evening or during a long day travelling.


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By Daniel Barker-Wyatt
on 29th Jun 2010
in Music