New: from the alpine, swim – So Little Things/And Other Short Stories

You may remember me raving my pretty little head off about this mercurial Brighton-based duo back in October of last year. from the alpine, swim have been somewhat quiet on the communications front since then, the odd social media update our only portal into their otherwise hazy world. Until this evening, which has found two electrified, rhythm’d-up and wholly new tracks being uploaded to the band’s Soundcloud. Both So Little Things and And Other Short Stories temper their post-hardcore stylings with electronic beats and some by turns soulful and carnivalesque organ stabs. There are shades of La Dispute, Alexisonfire (pre-shite) and even Cursive in here, but still, what the finished product might sound like is enticingly obscured. Dripfeeding bastards.

Get ’em while they’re hot. Oh yeah, you’ve only got ten minutes. Minus my writing time. So, ahhh…

Image (c) Joel Wilson

By Rob Hollamby
on 6th Mar 2012
in Music