New: Rhye – Open

When I was sent this track earlier on today it inspired a simple statement, “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard all day”. A quick scan of my Facebook feed and the general consensus was simple, we have a little bit of a masterpiece on our hands.

The track is said to come from an anonymous California-based duo named Rhye. They’ve currently got a 12″ out on Innovative Leisure, featuring the above track, ‘Open’. The first thing that will hit you is the strings, recorded to a remarkable level of clarity, they’re unnervingly beautiful marvel to take in. The vocals mirror the atmosphere perfectly; they glisten with a startling level of precision, with the lovesick lyrics, “I’m a fool for your belly..the gentle sting between us”, falling gracefully over the listener with a soothing degree of sorrow.

Things are bad right now, but at least you have this song.

Via the Fader.

By Joel Chima
on 10th Feb 2012
in Music