Video: Lockets – Catch Me

You may remember Lockets from their debut track Camera Shy unleashed onto the realms of the internet towards the tail end of last year. Well the Philadelphia duo are back for more, with the sumptuous Catch Me. Imagine an innocent, fledgling My Bloody Valentine jacked up on a whole Halloween’s worth of candy, and you begin to understand the general atmosphere of Catch Me. Synths swirl majestically whilst vocals from Dani float effortlessly over the top in such a youthful manner that it’s impossible to not be completely seduced. Lockets are truly blossoming into one of 2012’s finest new bands. Check out the video below, featuring footage from 1998’s Bullet Ballet directed by Shinya Tsukamoto and starring Kirina Mano.

Lockets – Catch Me from Lockets on Vimeo.

By Josh
on 19th Jan 2012
in MPfree