Introducing: from the alpine, swim

Ok, so I had my beef with lo-fi. And from the alpine, swim, an as-yet enigmatic pair of sound art students from Brighton, sound like they record into Garageband at best. But instead of betraying an irreverent or even lazy attitude to recording, the hiss and crackle weaves a bedroomy mystery through the duo’s cuts, all halfsmoked rollies and red wine from the bottle. Equally, while their three tracks so far nod to those newer waves of almost-folk, as well as a couple of the genres with the ubiquitous ‘post’ prefix, there’s a refreshing lack of solid reference points at this stage. They can gently and deftly pick their way around morose vocal husks, as apparent from swim, available below, and yell manically over furious strumming to equally striking effect.¬†Apparently a debut EP is on its way in 2012, and what it might hold is anyone’s guess, but if the band’s output so far is anything to go by, odds are it could well be a right stunner.

You can keep up with from the alpine, swim via their Tumblr, or like ’em on Facebook.

swim by from the alpine, swim