Introducing: Baklu

Polish beatmaker Baklu creates wonderfully colourful hip-hop inspired soundscapes, fusing dubstep production methods with a sterling knowledge of how to hold down a rhythm. Debut release, Demo B is an eclectic mix of minimal beats and blissed out samples. Sezam is reverb heavy and gloriously majestic, with an eerie Dilla meets Balam Acab vibe, flowed up by the multi-layered acoustic hum of Pierwsze Próby. It’s hugely engaging and requires repeat listens to fully appreciate the density and intricacy of each track, almost like they’ve been pieced together from a vast, far more imposing puzzle.

The five minute epically haphazard Stan jumps sporadically between half beats and sampled female vocals, never really opening out into a full on jam, yet remaining truly elegant. As a debut release, it’s extremely accomplished, and quite possibly one of my favourite EPs of the year thus far. Each track appears chopped and diced beyond recognition however it works, portrayed perfectly by Dobre Myśli; one of those rare pieces of music that requires your complete, undivided attention.

Head over to Baklu’s bandcamp for a free download of Demo B, and check out a couple of tracks below.

Image sourced from Perforated Thinking.