New: Justice – Helix

For a while now Justice have felt like a guilty pleasure. Don’t worry I know how snobby I sound, it’s just that they’re, well, so fucking overplayed. It’s hard to engage intellectually with a piece of music after the 100th listen at the best of times, and sadly Justice were a group that began to epitomize being at a club I didn’t want to be at, their tunes were everywhere.

I actually missed the first cut to drop from their imminent LP, ‘Audio, Video, Disco’, yet despite Civilization passing me by the title single, Audio, Video, Disco’, tickled me in all the right places. It felt like an electro opera, a master class in creating a killer hook and gentle yet persuasive sonic escalation. So when Helix dropped a few hours ago I was genuinely excited to hear it. It turns out this excitement was warranted. Helix isn’t clever or a particular detachment from their previous efforts, yet what it lacks in clear experimentation it makes up for in the form of a killer guitar riff and funky as fuck groove. And sometimes folks, that’s all you need.

Justice – Helix by EdBanger

By Joel Chima
on 12th Sep 2011
in Music