New: Jamie Isaac – Softly Draining Seas

Since hearing the debut track, Intro/Drowning Roots from ambient influenced London  producer Jamie Isaac, I’ve been eagerly waiting to hear more from the seventeen year old. Minutes ago on his Facebook page, Isaac made new cut Softly Draining Seas available to download via his bandcamp site, and it doesn’t disappoint. Continuing with the minimal beats and softly delivered vocals, it’s poignantly haunting whilst remaining utterly beautiful. As with Intro/Drowning Roots the lyrics are vulnerable and emotionally strained, forging an irresistible bond between the listener and Isaac. Softly Draining Seas is available to download below for free.

Softly draining seas, why you wanting me?
Your love I can’t refuse, so I must link those shoes.

You slipped away, and I don’t care what still remains. And in my brain, I create this piece of filth that I call fate, too soon to wait.

By Josh
on 9th Sep 2011
in MPfree