New: VenoM – Jupiter or Mars (Prod. by Handbook)

Jupiter or Mars, by the phrases’ very definition, expresses notions of uncertainty amongst a sea of aspiration. Perhaps this is why the track feels so very human? It sports a certain degree of the crotch grabbing that features in so much of mainstream modern hip-hip, yet it’s also plagued with self doubt; which planet should I fly to/fuck it should I even fly there at all.

Underneath it all is a love story, and a lonely one at that, “contemplating flying back home cos’ I miss her”. The track really makes you question if what you’re doing right now is in anyway important, when you could be just making love.

Unexpectedly moving.

Jupiter or Mars (Prod. by Handbook) by VenoM

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By Joel Chima
on 9th Sep 2011
in Music