Introducing: Crawdad

Michael Crawford otherwise known as Crawdad, a hip hop enthusiast from California may not necessarily be the complete article yet, however recent free download release The Art Of Making Flowetry certainly demonstrates a vast wedge of potential. Mixing modern production methods with Doomtree influenced verses, the EP is slick and fantastically mixed; quite an achievement for an artist without substantial label funding. Like P.O.S., the instrumentation appears to be fairly heavily Fugazi inspired, raw and perfectly synched in to the languidly delivered vocals.

Whilst the title The Art Of Making Flowetry may not be entirely convincing, the tracks speak for themselves, offering up a fresh and invigorating sound. EP highlight Broken Circuits wouldn’t be out of place on a Doomtree sampler, complete with charismatic verses and a enviable chorus. There’s an air of intelligence found in the lyrics as well, that are at times, insightful and thought-provoking, maintaining an emotional integrity and self-realism such as ‘the fact is that I put nothing above you, it hurts my heart at times to say I love you’ on Riddle My Mind. The De La Soul-esque They Don’t Know mixes soulful vibes with the harsh vocal sections that Crawdad stamps throughout the release. As mentioned earlier, Crawdad is far from the finished product, but with music driven by such a passion and wealth of knowledge, The Art Of Making Flowetry gives numerous reasons to be truly excited about Michael Crawford’s work.

Check out two cuts from the EP on this page, and head over to Crawdad’s bandcamp to download the entire release for free.