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New: Jai Paul – Jasmine

So it’s been nearly a year since the XL artist first walked among our lives with his debut tune, BTSTU. Music, and indeed anticipation for music, would never be the same again. Throughout those bittersweet 11 months, there was even talk that Jai Paul had quit music all together. Not so, his new cut, Jasmine, […]

By Joel Chima
on 30th Mar 2012
in Music

New: Dirty Projectors – Gun Has No Trigger

I’m sitting in my flat with a big ass man flu brewing, having watched a video of blatant police racism, with a completely empty stomach; it’s safe to say I’m in appalling mood. And then this popped up on my Facebook feed, the new track from legendry indie group,Dirty Projectors, a track supposedly taken from […]

By Joel Chima
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New: Cities Aviv – Normal Immortal

There’s cloud rap, and then there’s this shit. The new cut from Memphis MC, Cities Aviv, is a far hazier experience than we’ve come to expect, (even by his standards), but it’s a welcome experiment and an exciting point to what could be a more experimental sonic direction.

New: Big Baby Gandhi – NO1 2 LOOK UP 2

Big Baby Gandhi is an artist who’s been getting a decent amount of coverage here at Cit. I expected his newly announced Mixtape, NO1 2 Look Up 2, to be impressive, what I wasn’t expecting was the record be quite possibly my favourite record of the year so far. Articulate, witty, socially conscious, funny, emotionally […]


Photo credit: Julien Bourgeois You don’t need me to tell you again just how special MONEY are. With the previously released Goodnight London selling out within days of being made available, new single SOLONG (GODISDEAD) is destined for the same fate. There’s an ethereal, hauntingly beautiful aspect to MONEY’s music that is fascinatingly difficult to […]

New: ATHALIA – Blackrainbows

Yet another example of the thriving electronic scene in Australia at the moment, ATHALIA’s debut track Blackrainbows is a fascinating blend of trip-hop and sugary sweet pop. With the offbeat vocals and sampled rap segments, it’s bizarre that it works, yet it’s a wonderfully enchanting listen, requiring numerous plays to fully understand each and every […]

By Josh
on 29th Mar 2012
in Music

Live Review: Manflu (The Workshop – London)

Alternative band,  Manflu, say through Facebook that ‘All we want to do is rock the fuck out and give you tinnitus, STDs, a sense of purpose.’ Their recent gig at East London’s The Workshop did just that (well, almost). The Workshop probably isn’t the best venue to play a gig in. There’s nothing to separate […]

New: Big Cosmos – Pathfinder

This debut track from the UK’s very own Big Cosmos sort of sounds like White Lies on acid, or Friendly Fires on chlorpromazine. It’s electronic dreampop are it’s utmost epic, complete with vaguely mysterious vocals and lyrics -‘your diamonds eyes are alight tonight’ and ‘through the millions of years, there’s a history of tears, that […]

Introducing: Driffs

Australia appears to be a fertile breeding ground for new music at the moment, with a host of exciting synth and eletronic acts popping up all over the country. Sydney based four piece Driffs are the epitome of the vibrant scene, with their upbeat, dreamily nostalgic debut tracks. Ocean Sounds is a summer surf-pop gem, […]


There have been some fantastic debut tracks in 2012 so far; with the Neighbourhood’s Female Robbery and Family History’s In Need proving particular highlights. The quirkily titled DREAM3ERS from dreampop outfit EPIC FLING certainly ranks up there among the best, despite it’s outward slightly self-indulgent appearance. Combining shoegaze inspired guitars with more ethereal, floaty vocals, […]