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New: D/R/U/G/S – One Thousand Faces

Photo by Tyrone Williams D/R/U/G/S is an artist that I’m increasingly confused by, not because he makes particularly outwardly experimental music, more because I’ve been wondering if there’s a point to it all. I’m slowly realising that there is, thanks partly to this new cut entitled, ‘One Thousand Faces’; a winding spiral ride of colours and […]

By Joel Chima
on 29th Feb 2012
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New: Kid A – BB Bleu

Virginia-born producer Kid A’s debut record PPPONEY OST all but passed me by when it was released at the tail end of last summer. It sat reluctantly on my ‘must listen’ list, tempting but never completely convincing me to give it a full listen. Looking back I wish I had, because if this re-mastering of stand […]

By Joel Chima
on 28th Feb 2012
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Introducing: Agerskow

Those familiar with the Newcastle music scene may already know Kate Edwards as the keyboardist of Brilliant Mind, but Agerskow, consisting of Kate Edwards and Miriam Bennett, is where she comes into her own, producing alluring and unaffected folk/indie rock. Imagine if Joni Mitchell and Kate Rusby had a lovechild with a slight Yorkshire accent […]

New: EVAN – Blowing Smoke

Damn. Music doesn’t get any more raw than this track from London artist EVAN, yet by the same merit, it’s vulnerability and underproduced vibe is partially why it’s so moving. Entirely acoustic, Blowing Smoke harks back to early Conor Oberst lyrically, and even tinges of Nick Drake amongst the honest poetry. ‘if my dad could […]

Review: The Magnetic Fields – Love at the Bottom of the Sea

“I will spend the rest of my life living down 69 Love Songs, just as I planned to. It’s fine,” said Stephin Merritt in a recent interview with The Guardian. While the Magnetic Fields’ 1999 album can only be described as a towering work of genius, the band continue to make pleasing, heartbreaking music that […]

New: Shinies – Shola

Being an avid Newcastle fan, I was slightly disappointed when Manchester four piece Shinies declared that their new track, Shola, had nothing to do with our very own lovably blunderous number 23, a certain Mr Ameobi. Fortunately, the quality of the track more than makes up for this lack of connection, and is a perfect […]

New: Western Affairs – Control

‘I’m afraid of what I do, the things I’ve done, the things I choose’ – haven’t we all felt like that at some point? This new track from Washington DC based trio Western Affairs is a tender, heartfelt number, parking itself subtly between the strained vocals of Youth Lagoon and the slick electronic fuzz of […]

New: Peace – Follow Baby

The UK’s latest buzzband, Peace are rapidly gathering quite a fanbase, and their latest track, Follow Baby is sure to bolster their current success. Heavy than previous outings and centered around a dramatic guitar riff, it’s cinematic in atmosphere yet almost feels ‘lad-rockesque’ at times; a trait that personally I’m not overly keen on. Anyway, […]

New: Stumbleine – Drifting Youth

So comes the end of another day, a day filled almost entirely with eating too much fried chicken and filming out of work actresses. Now I don’t want to speak for us all, but I will regardless; we all need to chill the fuck out. The new mini album from Stumbleine entitled, Drifting Youth, is […]

By Joel Chima
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New: Regina Spektor – All The Rowboats

It’s been 3 years since Regina Spektor’s remarkably more poppy effort, Far. 3 years; that’s a lot of time for me to lose interest in the Soviet Union born folkstress. The first track to be released from her new record, What We Saw From The Cheap Seats, is a sharp powerhouse of a single and […]

By Joel Chima
on 27th Feb 2012
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