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Review: Veils – Clarity

Never judge a book by its cover. It’s an idiom whose lesson is hammered into us as children, a symbolic rendering of liberal values. You don’t base things on surface judgment because it’s not accurate, it’s not fair, and it’s not a very nice thing to do. Sometimes, though, it’s not like this at all. […]

By Rob Hollamby
on 31st Jan 2012
in Music

Interview & Premiere: Soft Lighting

With his debut track Far Away gracing the internet little over two weeks ago, Kansas City’s Soft Lighting, the side-project of Bryan Cox (also of New Savages) is beginning to forge a name for himself. Having been Introduced by myself a fortnight ago, Far Away also appeared on acclaimed music blog Lost Lost Lost on […]

New: Devotional – Mercy

Australian three piece Devotional (previously known by the less memorable name A Casual End Mile) appear to be a rather sombre trio. From their melancholic debut track Mercy to their slightly unsettlingly sparse photograph, there’s a far amount of wallowing going on. However, all that is forgiven once you hear the track in question, a […]

New: North Bay – Breath

This debut track from Oxford’s North Bay is a reserved yet beautifully uplifting affair, hinting at even more impressive future outings. Based around ambient melodies and drone-esque undertones, Breath is a simplistic, effective composition. It almost feels like an introduction to something truly fantastic, and with any luck, this may just be the case. Check […]

Introducing: T-Shirt Weather

Being from Newcastle, I love hearing a good North East accent; hence I’ve always had a soft spot for Maximo Park, regardless of their at times questionable output. This new three piece from my hometown may be slightly rough around the edges, partially down to their two tracks so far being recorded “in Andrew’s dodgy […]

New: Keep Shelly In Athens – Just Like Honey

Having recently appeared on several tracks by other producers, Keep Shelly In Athens are back recording under their own name again, this time with a cover of The Jesus & Mary Chain’s Just Like Honey. Sarah’s vocals are as fragile and splendid as ever, whilst the reverb-laden guitar caries the track, transforming the 1985 hit […]

Feature: The Music From Skins (S6, E2)

After last weeks varied selection of tracks, Skins Episode 2 had rather a lot to live up to. Focusing on the tumultuous, traumatic relationship between Grace and Rich, in truth it was a rather weak episode, lacking any direction or solid storyline. Anyway, I’m not here to analyze the script; here’s my opinion on the […]

New: Jack White – Love Interruption

It’s something Jack White should have done years ago, but he’s finally got around to it. Everybody’s favourite magpie musician has been a very busy man – previous band projects (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather), producing (everyone from Whirlwind Heat to John C Reilly), messing around with collaborators (from Beck toInsane Clown Posse) and releasing live recordings […]

By Benny J Keeler
in Music

New: Day Joy – Bone And Bloody

Having released their debut digital single at the tail end of last year, dream-pop duo Day Joy are back with new song Bone And Bloody. Less electronic in sound, and pulling heavily on their folk influences, it’s lead by a tinkling banjo and deep, ever-so tender vocals. Almost like a less stadium refined Fleet Foxes, […]

New: Young Wonder – Tumbling Backwards

Hailing from Cork, Ireland, electro-pop duo Young Wonder are set to release their debut EP in mid April, preceded by lead single Tumbling Backwards. As the first signing to Media Production company turned record label Feel Good Lost, it’s a stellar introduction to both projects. Taking from dance and trance influences, it’s heavy on the […]