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New: Rochelle Jordan – Impossible

Ending the year with a bang, Rochelle Jordan takes up this Lil Wayne beat and destroys it in the best way possible. Whilst 2012 hasn’t quite been the year that RoJo exploded into the mainstream like I initially predicted, the hype has been slowly but surely building, putting her in a fantastic position heading into […]

By Josh
on 31st Dec 2012
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New: Holy Girl – Young Love (Perfect Blue)

New Year’s naivety will get the best of us, hopefully. Sugar sweet Slowdive, drifting through various states of consciousness; Holy Girl, from California conjures up other-worldly dreampop capable of toppling the mightiest of hearts. With a clutch of tracks already to her name, it’s the alluring vocals that add poignancy to her music, diving headfirst […]

Introducing – Bermuda Ern

It’s cold and the stars are out over Summerstown, and I’m hanging out the skylight from my waist, dialing into this duo from Brighton, Bermuda Ern. Remember Autolux? Greg Edwards, guitarist from Failure? The incomparable Carla Azar on drums, she of Ednaswap, the band who wrote that tune Torn that we all know? Anyway, Autolux […]

New: Bobby Got – Without You

Set to a viral-ready video featuring scantily clad attractive young girls messing around with turntables, and Australia producer Bobby Got could have an internet hit on his hands. Without You, featuring a luxuriously simple, swirling beat and a repetitive synth section wrapping mystically around each other, has the makings of a Youtube hit. Walking the […]

Introducing: Pretty Heart

Quite how Pretty Heart isn’t a name on the lips of every self-proclaimed tastemaker heading into 2013 is completely beyond me. The project of the gorgeous twenty year old Morgan Holliger from Perrysburg, Ohio, she’s the perfect example of an artist who just needs that one stroke of luck, whether it’s a top A&R stumbling across […]

New: A Fire In The Woods – Tracks In The Snow

Straight out of the ‘Bon Iver How To Write Good Songs’ book, Sydney’s A Fire In The Woods may not have the best logo around, or indeed the most extravert online presence, but what they lack in commercial nous, is more than compensated for in the beauty of their debut outing, Tracks In The Snow. […]

By Josh
on 29th Dec 2012
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New: Happa – Freak

Like most sites, we’re playing catch up after the Christmas break. This new cut from Leeds wonderkid Happa, is perhaps my highlight. Freak, is a spine-rumbling odyssey, a soundtrack to darkness or a rattling display of madness. Or it could just be a killer house tune. You decide.

By Joel Chima
on 27th Dec 2012
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Introducing: Arbeia

As every year comes to a close, music seems to roll in at an almost unmanageable pace, almost as if bands and artists know that I’m in no fit state to post anything. Indie band, Arbeia are interesting to me for one main reason. They’re from South Shields, a town very close to the area […]

New: Palmistry – Shrimps Last Dance

Palmistry has been a friend of the site for a little while now, we dropped his last mixtape, I Swear, exclusively earlier this year and he later played Brainchild Festival, the festival we collaborate with. After that, the boy dropped off the face of the earth. Like completely, leaving me a bit scared that he’d […]

By Joel Chima
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Introducing: IYES

It’s quite easy to be cynical these days. A big album drops; a million bands crop up that sound exactly like them. Earlier this month we saw the elegant debut track from London Grammar, a wonderful pop song, that just about managed to shake its comparisons with anything The xx has ever put out. This […]