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New: RIVKA – Sun Shadows

As if you need reminding about Halloween. Call me a muggle, but it’s worse than Christmas for needless celebrating. From having snotty nosed kids in soiled bedsheets knocking on your door, to teenage girls donning miniscule shorts, bunny ears (rabbits are NOT scary) and acting even more frivolous, I’m yet to see the excitement behind […]

By Josh
on 31st Oct 2011
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Video: Gem Club – 252

Following the release of their stunning new LP, entitled Breakers, Somerville’s Gem Club have dropped a video for the penultimate track from the record; the epic five minute ballad 252. Opening in what appears to be a slightly rundown hotel room, the clip is startlingly harrowing, documenting everyday situations in a realistic, yet unnerving manner. […]

New: Washed Out – Call It Off

This new track from Georgia’s Washed Out will feature as the B-side to upcoming single Amor Fati, out 14 November. Continuing very much in the delicate, synth-pop vein of recent album Within And Without, Call It Off is slightly more dance orientated, with even more emphasis placed on the electro inspired hooks and reverb soaked […]

New: Paris, Texas – Am I Deus

Taking their name from the 1984 classic film Paris, Texas, this debut track from the London outfit is a lukewarm chillwave inspired affair. There are times when Am I Deus becomes slightly predictable, and the production on the vocals towards the start of the track doesn’t do full justice to what comes later on. Although […]

New: ethos wolviis – MTV

I am in love. This debut track from New York’s ethos wolviis is about as lo-fi as you’re going to get; but wow, is it beautiful. Mixing the down-tempo production values of Youth Lagoon with the reverb laden surf-pop inspired vocals akin to the likes of Wavves, MTV is a stunning first outing from the […]

Introducing: Skruncha-roo

Skruncha-roo aka Kyle Vento from Houston, Texas fashions DJ Shadow-esque instrumental hip-hop. New track Deer And I uses the sampled female vocals to expert effect, looping them around the simplistic yet addictive beat. The Dilla influences are prominent as well, especially during the mid-section breakdown in Deer And I, yet the track manages to develop […]

Crack in the Replica 2 – Darkstep

Ah, this guy. “I love it” shouts Replica, wildeyed with characteristic puppydog enthusiasm, “when something you’ve heard a thousand times can still sound so fresh in a different listening context.” We’re pushing our way through the doors at the back of Brixton’s O2 Academy, ducking out of Death From Above 1979, and sadly, it’s not […]

Review: Florence And The Machine – Ceremonials

Is there anyone in the entire world more annoying than Florence Welch? From whoring out her soulless wail for duets with anyone able to stump up the dollar, to her aural molestation that disguises itself as a cover of The Source’s 1986 classic You Got The Love, I can’t be alone in wishing the Machine […]

Video: Spring Offensive – Every Coin (Berlin Sessions)

Oxford quintet Spring Offensive have been off touring Europe for the last couple of weeks, and for anyone back home missing the band’s formidable live presence, the lovely people over at Berlin Sessions have filmed a special acoustic version of the mighty Every Coin, from 2010’s Pull Us Apart, in the back of a fast […]

By Rob Hollamby
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New: Placeholder – Librarian

Artwork by Michela Heim As much as I claim/insist I’m a fountain of knowledge when it comes to contemporary music, there’s always going to be an artist that makes it literally impossible to know any more than, ‘This track’s pretty dope’. And this track is indeed, ‘pretty dope’, yet it leaves a painfully unsatisfied taste […]

By Joel Chima
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