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Live Review and Interview: Wheatus

Although it was possibly the oddest line-up Dundee had ever seen; Sundays gig at Dexters has to have been the densest crowd I have ever been a part of, and perhaps one of the best…

By Adam Jamieson-Caley
on 30th Sep 2011
in Interviews

Crack in the Replica 1 – Autonomic Movements

Knowing south coast based DJ Replica is like having your very own breakbeat Sherpa. It’s been four years since my feet first started moving to processed beats out of enjoyment rather than necessity, after someone stuck on the Andy C side of a Drum&Bass Arena mix at a house party, but I’m still a distinct, […]

Review: Dan Mangan – Oh Fortune

Oh, Dan. What happened to you? What horrendous, depressing event was inflicted on you in the last few years? In the past, the albums of Canadian folk artist Dan Mangan have hardly been easy-listening, and sure, there was always an underlying sense of sadness to the way that Mangan composed his songs, but it was […]

Review: Into It. Over It. – Proper

Much like their name, Into It. Over It. (or rather, Chicago native Evan Weiss and friends) are a band of two halves. Amongst the boyish excitement and rampant sentimentality of my last post concerning IIOI, I mentioned Weiss’ fitting position on a bill between pop-punkers Grown Ups, and Shoes and Socks Off‘s skewed take on […]

New & MPFree: Shield Your Eyes – Larkspur

Shield Your Eyes are a truly exciting prospect for modern guitar music. Anyone who’s ever seen them ply their fractured (in pretty much every sense of the word) antics live will attest to that. Mainman Stef smashes out seemingly arbitrary lead lines on a busted-up mutant of a guitar, to fearsomely competent beats and skewed […]

By Rob Hollamby
on 28th Sep 2011
in MPfree

Video: Stray Kites – Talking Plaster Walls pt.3

Stray Kites are hands down the cutest duo in music. Whilst on first listen their lo-fi acoustic-driven tracks can appear harsh and slightly grating; with further listens the lyrics begin to speak for themselves and the bond between Junior Roseboro and Max Detrich becomes ever prominent. With this, their first official music video, for Talking […]

By Josh
on 27th Sep 2011
in Music

Introducing: Freakish Atlantic

Hailing from Berlin, self-proclaimed ‘folkwave’ duo¬†Marius Gutowski and Florian Sekula aka Freakish Atlantic have just released their debut EP Siren Songs, five tracks of gorgeous synth driven folk. What’s so fantastic about this EP is the picturesque way in which the songs fit together, portraying the duo as far more experienced than their history would […]

New: St. Spirit – Build A Life / Ferrous Vessel

St. Spirit are hardly reinventing epic indie-pop, yet there’s something rather adorable about these two tracks from the London outfit. Stating one of my all time favourite records as a major influence, in the form of My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless; it’s slightly bemusing then that these two tracks bare very little, if any resemblance to […]

Introducing: The Sayitaints

Flutter; an entirely apt title for the debut track from Baltimore duo The Sayitaints. The beat is sparse and choppy, whilst the vocals hover resplendently over the languid synths, forming an engaging experience. Whilst it appears rooted amongst indie pop influences, with hints of The Antlers breaking the shimmering surface, particularly amongst the vocals, there’s […]

Review: Youth Lagoon – The Year Of Hibernation

It’s always mildly rewarding when a musician that you’ve been tipping for a while breaks into the world of mainstream recognition. Since hearing the two debut tracks from Boise solo sensation Trevor Powers aka Youth Lagoon, way back in May, his debut record The Year Of Hibernation instantaneously became my most anticipated release of 2011. […]