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New: Internet Forever – Happy New Year

Only one day left in 2011, holy fuck. Almost time for everyone to get ‘royally shit-faced’ and act as if we’ve actually achieved something in our lives over the past twelve months. Well, whilst you’re downing vile flavoured vodka shots and kissing people on the cheek who you really couldn’t give a crap about, why […]

By Josh
on 30th Dec 2011
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Albums of the Year 2011 (#40-31)

We’re out of the blocks. Having been through the first ten in our Albums of 2011 before the Christmas break, it’s my pleasure to be able to bring you the second part of the series – #40 – 31. Enjoy. #40 Elite Gymnastics – RUIN As well as providing several of the best remixes of […]

New: Lockets – Camera Shy

Having maxed out the free downloads of Camera Shy via their Soundcloud and their bandcamp surely soon to go the same way, it’s safe to say that Philadelphia duo Lockets have created quite a buzz with their debut track. With it’s dream-pop tendencies and ethereal influences, the vocal driven number has already been featured by […]

EP Review: Seams – Colours and Maps

You should probably get familiar with Seams now, as if there’s any justice, these kids will be a household name in the indie scene within twelve months. The band are a 5-piece consisting of vocals, primarily from Katie Lynch, backing vocals and guitar from Michael Fitzpatrick, guitar from Mark Johnston, bass from Liam Thompson and […]

New: Mount Kimbie – Before I Move Off (Star Slinger Refix)

With what will most likely be his final output of 2011, Star Slinger has tried his hand at remixing Before I Move Off by London duo Mount Kimbie. Where the original finds beauty through it’s minimal, atmospheric feel, Star Slinger reinvents the track as a more club friendly dance number. Splicing the already heavily tinted […]

By Josh
on 23rd Dec 2011
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Albums of the Year 2011 (#50-41)

With only a week left in 2011, we’ve left it rather late in releasing our end of year lists. Having announced the last of CitR’s Tool List earlier this week, it’s with great pleasure that I present to you a rather more serious list – CitR’s Albums of the Year 2011. So, unravel your best […]

Introducing: Spirit House

Hailing from New Mexico, Spirit House write blisteringly perfect indie pop tracks, with their two debut outings showcasing very differing aspects to the group. Take Smile; at only two minutes in length, it conveys a ludicrous amount, part MGMT, part Two Door Cinema Club, there’s no cheap tricks or gimmicks, just stellar songwriting. On the […]

New: The Linedance Fever – Last Christmas (Wham Cover)

Last time I counted there were 1,423,232,934 covers of Last Christmas by Wham. That’s one for every five people on the planet. Out of all those billions of versions of the 1984 shit-pop ‘classic’, this bluegrass take by Sweden’s The Linedance Fever may well be the best yet. The vocals are dark and delivered with […]

New & MPfree: SiairaShawn – Dusk (prod. by Knxwledge)

Knxwledge’s Komposure EP remains one of my favorite beat tapes of the year. Its dusty and woozy samples created a haze of sedation, the samples praying on gentle repetition of samples, while subtle changes in the groove jolt the listener out of a forced trance. His latest track, a production credit on SiairaShawn’s new cut […]

By Joel Chima
on 21st Dec 2011
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New: Deniro Farrar – Amaco (prod. by Clams Casino)

Crash Symbols makes blogging way too easy. There was a time when I felt like I was changing the world; long evenings spent trawling through the bowels of Bandcamp, listening to endless streams of shit from my inbox and checking out my favourite artists’ recommendations, all to curate something that at least created the illusion […]

By Joel Chima
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