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Interview: Star Slinger

In my mind, Star Slinger is one of the most innovative artists in the current UK music scene, it only takes a quick glance at my Lastfm to see that I’m telling the truth; over the past few days I have become well and truly star slung.

Interview: Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson

Having already made a name for themselves in Norway, 7 piece post-rock outfit Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson are gearing up to break the UK.

Single Of The Week: Four Tet- Unspoken

What is there left to say about Four Tet? Kieran Hebden’s work has in many ways defined modern beat music since his first release in 2001, and since then haven’t we all been in for a treat. This week’s single of the week, ‘Unspoken’, taken from the 2003 LP ‘Rounds’ shows him at his most […]

By Joel Chima
on 30th Aug 2010
in Music

The Last of The Libertines?

If like thousands across the UK, you’ve tuned in to any of the Reading & Leeds Festival coverage, or you were lucky enough to have attended the events, then you will no doubt have been somewhat caught up in the “heroic” returns of The Libertines, Gun ‘n’ Roses and Blink 182

Review: Blink 182 (Leeds Festival)

Over 25 million albums sold and 18 years after their inception, Blink 182 graced the Leeds Festival Main stage once again. Reportedly brought back together by Travis‘ lucky plane crash escape, Blink 182 set about a US Tour to test the waters before deciding to go further afield. Met with massive acclaim, the band built […]

Interview: I Like Trains

An interest in historical events and musical prowess are a combination rarely explored, with bands trying to ‘make it’ so much they are willing to stray from their desired path…

By Adam Jamieson-Caley
on 28th Aug 2010
in Interviews

Interview: Deadhorse

After the release of their debut full length record, Deadhorse are one of the most exciting names in post-rock music.

Review: Deadhorse – We Can Create Our Own World

For a band to be entirely instrumental is a rarity these days, so to discover a band that can fuse elegant classical sections with soaring, epic compositions to create masterful, enchanting soundscapes is quite a diamond in the rough

By Josh
on 26th Aug 2010
in Music

Film Review: The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

The reason for this review being so late is quite simple; I didn’t know what to think. On the one hand you have a film that derived from a joke writer/director Tom Six made about surgically combining child molesters by stitching their mouths to the anuses of a fat truck drivers, on the other one […]

What Next?

What’s next? Many of us at this moment will be receiving the emails entitled with this question, and the answers will invariably begin with “erm…?” because really, who knows? For those of you who got into the university of choice (me included) congratulations! But even for us lucky ones, the question still applies. None of […]

By Honor
on 25th Aug 2010
in Life