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Interview: AJ Unity

Naomi Suzuki and Philipp M. Moll aka AJ Unity are one of the hottest UK trip hop influenced artists around at the moment.

Review: T in the Park 2010

For many Scots, T in the Park is the highlight of their calendar year…

Review: Everything Everything – Man Alive

If you’re not a fan of erratic time signatures, harmonies in high registers and fast abstract lyrics then maybe this is not for you but if you are and you have time and patience to spare then you may find something special here. Man Alive is almost daring you to put it in a box, […]

Interview: Melvin Benn

Boasting the likes of Leeds and Reading Festival, and even the musical powerhouse that is Glastonbury on their roster, Hove Festival is Festival Republic‘s first venture into the European music festival market. Crack In The Road were fortunate enough to talk to the CEO of Festival Republic, Melvin Benn, and gain an insight into his thoughts on […]

Review: Cats and Cats and Cats – If I’d Had An Atlas

Far from a paw album, and tracks like The Smallest Song and The Boy With The Beak demonstrate the untapped potential Cats and Cats and Cats have, yet they are still several whiskers from indie pop purrfection.

By Josh
on 28th Jul 2010
in Music

Review: The Magic Numbers – The Runaway

If there is one subjective observation to be made about The Magic Numbers, sibling rivalry is not an issue here

By Sam Heaney
in Music

Review: Hove Festival (Norway)

Arriving in Norway, Crack In The Road boarded the bus to Hove Festival not expecting that we would be beginning the most rewarding and interesting musical week of our lives. Hove Festival is set in the picturesque surroundings of the island of Tromoy, located just a short ferry journey across from Arendal. However before we […]

Review: The Ascent of Everest – From This Vantage

Everest, the tallest mountain on Planet Earth, imposing and majestic; a perilous path task for anyone…

By Josh
on 27th Jul 2010
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Review: Mount Kimbie – Crooks and Lovers

‘Crooks and Lovers’ strikes a beautiful balance between the two sounds of Orbison and Blake…

By Joel Chima
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Review: The Love Language – Libraries

By moving away from the hip realm of bedroom lo-fi, Stuart McLamb & co. make one of the most brave and confident records of the year but is it a perfect transition? Last year’s self-titled début made the Love Language name synonymous with lo-fi doo-wop and Spector-esque production, this year they move out of the house and […]